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2416329- HNS Coil


 2416329 GE HNS CoilThis part has been refurbished to meet OEM specifications and is ready to ship.  Avaialble for Signa Excite and 450W Systems.  Please contact us for more information.

The Head, Neck and Spine (HNS) Array is a receive-only 16-channel, 29-element coil designed for use with GE 1.5T HD MR scanners. This rigid coil incorporates soft, flexible components that conform to patients’ anatomy, accommodating various body contours while minimizing patient discomfort.

The HNS Array is designed to produce diagnostic images of the brain and vascular structures of the head; cervical.

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  • Part Number: 2416329

  • Product Name: 2416329- HNS Coil

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